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Miodrag Mica Popovic was born in in Loznica, in1923. While he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the class of professor Ivan Tabakovic, he established “Zadarska group” with a group of his colleagues as a protest against the academic way of studying and as an alternative and a free approach to the studies of arts. He belonged to the association   of the Serbian artists-“Lada” and he was one of the founders of art informel in our fine arts. He was engaged in illustrations, scenography, art essay literature, literature, film and theatre production. He became a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1978 and he became a full member in 1985. He was a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin in 1986 as well as a member of the European cultural society( based in Venice). He died at the end of 1996 in Belgrade.

Mica Popovic’s creative eros

 In all these in-depth analyses of this complex personality and in all these remote horizons of this creative will, there is one sheltered, though very striking Mica Popovic’s  characteristic-creative eros as a great driving force of his artistic activity. (He) …instead of us openly observes and sees those common contents of curiosity that transforms the passive state of observation into the active state of emotions. That is the kind of creative motivation of audience’s attention (not only in this kind of drawings but also in almost all other stages of Popovic’s painting) that determined his position in our contemporary art.

Jovan Despotovic

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