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Uros Toskovic was born at Bratonozici, in Montenegro. He finished The School of Arts in Herceg Novi. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Marko Celebonovic, in 1956. He continued his studies in Paris. He lived and worked in Paris, New York, London and Belgrade from 1956-1976. He has been living in Montenegro since 1995. He had about 15 solo exhibitions (Podgorica, Niksic, Zagreb and Belgrade). He has been a member of the Association of The Fine Arts Artists of Montenegro    since 1985. He is the winner of Serbia and Montenegro July the 13 th award.
Toskovic in the realm of chaos

Like nobody else, he feels horror, brutality, demonic intentions, revenge, lust and evil but at the same time he also feels helplessness, fear, cleverness, even tenderness. He mocks and pities a man for all his weaknesses that he shows when he is faced with numerous temptations. He skillfully transforms ugly, deformed and monstrous subjects into an aesthetic category…he draws and paints impatiently, almost unconsciously but with an absolute precision one monstrous, but at the same time magical world. Beauty as an ideal is intentionally sacrificed to ugliness that represents truth. Although devoted to his powerful instinct for staying away from mainstream in life and art, he remains an outcast by his own will…
Borka Bozovic

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