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Pero Nikcevic was born at Stubica, near Niksic ,in 1951. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy (department of fine arts) in 1971, in Niksic and he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1975. As a scholar of the French government, he was living in Paris from 1976-1977. He stayed in Paris again, in 1979 and after that he studied shortly in America. He lived in the monastery of Rezevici as a painter-ascetic, from 1981-1984. After that he lived in Belgium and France. He went to Paris in 1987 where he lives today. He is engaged in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and collage.

Pera Nikcevic’s parisian period

The artist’s imagination and his serious consideration for painting shown in a lively graphic of the unique poetics are expressed in these drawings. This way, Nikcevic is approaching the magical and fantastic vision, inhabited by both people and animals, convincingly and precisely presented. He has persistently cherished the world of remarkable but convincing visual images.

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