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Velizar Krstic was born at Oreovac, near Nis, in 1947. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in   Belgrade, in 1972, in the class of professor Djordje Bosan and he received his M. A. degree in the same class, in 1976. Upon   Petar Lubarda's suggestion he got a grant from F.V.S. foundation (based in Hamburg) and he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, from 1973-74, in the class of professor Volter Ekert. As a scholar of the Greek government, he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Athens, in the class of professor Konstantin Gramatopulos. He is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Drawings as a warning

In Velizar Krstic’s creative quest and unrest, the figure is in the focus of events. Anthropomorphic form in different thematic circles, expresses all the tension of his creative being. The signpost in creative work is solely his inner necessity, reflected in ceaseless work; the fear of being still is equal to the fear of dying.

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