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Vjera Damjanovic was born at Cetinje, in 1949. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Stojan Celic, in 1976. She received her M.A. degree from the same faculty in 1979. She had around ten solo exhibitions. She has been taking part in group exhibitions since 1974. She traveled and studied in Norway, France, Italy and Cyprus. She is engaged in oil painting and installations in space. In the last few years she has been mostly interested in works on paper.

Damjanovic did not turn to the “Ladder” by accident.  In a symbolic and pictorial manner she explores the occurrences over the ladder’s threshold and ladder’s vertical: in threshold’s keepers, white papers with a bit of black intervention. She dips into the inner world of a being whose contradictions should be surmounted. Then, as purified beings they will fly up to the keepers of vertical. Those keepers of vertical, black papers with a bit of white intervention, will determine an appropriate position and just like in Jacob’s ladder, everybody will reach the level he deserves.

Vjera Damjanovic calls these works of art-drawings. They are partly drawings. There is a drawing intervention, ink-pen-brush, the line and the surface, a distinguishable sign and sometimes an illegible symbol. But there is also a collage intervention on a paper base itself which is obviously an attempt of spatial materialization of drawings and an abstract attitude. That also led to the real appearance of drawing-installation in space, to the finally visible ladder.

Ivana Simeonovic – Celic

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