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Radomir Reljic was born in Skoplje, in 1938. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Zoran Petrovic, in1963. He finished a specialized course in painting in the class of professor Zora Petrovic and professor Milo Milunovic, in 1963. He became an assistant lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in 1978. He became an associate professor in 1985 and a full professor in 1988.He teaches painting and drawing. He became a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1988 and later, he became a full member. He was engaged in artwork, book design and scenography for   theatre plays and films.

Everything is different concerning Reljic’s life and his paintings. A modern man’s nostalgia for the time that is lost can be sensed in Reljic’s iconography. Each painting stroke here is an excavation from the past. Reljic’s style is reflected in the subtle feeling for establishing the relationship with the elements of a drawing, for bringing them into a dramatic relationship through which they show their essence by a certain primeval inevitability, they begin to symbolize the world, I would say…

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