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Zoran Pavlovic
was born in Skoplje, in 1932. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (department of art history) and from the Academy of Fine Arts. He received his M.A. degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1961. Since then he has been engaged in arts critique, theory and essay literature. He was one of the founders of the magazine “Umetnost” (1965). He published a book “Svet boje” (The world of colours) in 1978. As a full professor, he taught the history of arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade till 1987. After that he became a full professor of painting. He was a proctor at the University of Arts. He is a member and a president of AIC- The International Association of Art Critics. He as a professor at the “Braca Karic University of Arts”. Alongside with oil paintings, water colours and drawings, he is also engaged in monumental techniques such as stained glass, tapestry and mosaic.

Dealing mostly with the relationship between a figure (which he calls a nucleus or epicenter) and space, real and abstract, formless and geometric, he lively transforms that counterpoint at certain stages. Reception, “decoding” or interpretation of a work of art is possible in two ways :firstly-by experiencing realistic elements and secondly-by the hunch for certain metaphysical contents…he manages to liberate himself from various intellectual experiences in order to achieve total spontaneity of a creative act…

Ljiljana Slijepcevic

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