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Milan Jovanovic Jofke was born in Sombor, in 1954. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (department of graphics), in the class of professor Bogdan Krsic and professor Stjepan Filekija, in 1980. He is engaged in painting, graphics and graphic design. He did book design and illustrations for the “ Fantastic zoology” by Jorhe Luis Borges, published by “Zlatna grana” from Sombor and he also did artists' monographies. He has been a member of UPIDIV since 1982. He lives and works in Sombor.

In the quest for the origins, she perceives the essential meaning of a myth as a cycle of life and death. It is more than obvious that an artist in the world of fantastic zoology is not there by chance and he is not surprised, but it is rather the natural surroundings of his pictorial thought, commitment and interests and just one destination in the quest for “the personal legend” in the field of fantastic art.

Gordana M. Kelic

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