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Vera Bozickovic Popovic was born in Brcko, in 1920. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Marko Celebonovic, in1949. Protesting against the academic education, she went to Zadar with her colleagues in 1947. This group was named “Zadarska group'. She was in Paris, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands, China, India, Iran and SAD. Alongside with painting, she was engaged in tapestry and costumes for theatres and films. She died in Belgrade in 2002.

She does not belong to the painters who often exhibited and who promoted their artistic achievements intrusively. Such a subtle artistic temper required silence and total concentration for daring solutions and ventures she was engaged in. The particular painting attitude, always deliberate, sensible, with a sharp and subtle feeling, derived from an extraordinary culture and artistic experience. That attitude is aware of time during which it was being developed. She violated the stagnancy of governing artistic courses, defining herself in relation to the phenomenon of modernism…to the mature and particular understanding of the abstract art, specially informal, not only as a pictorial trend and system but also as the philosophical understanding of the world and the spiritual commitment.

Borka Bozovic

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