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Dusan B. Markovic was born in Belgrade, in 1948. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1974. He received his M.A. degree from the same university. As a scholar of the Belgium government, he studied at the National Hoger Institute in Antwerp. He had around 20 solo exhibitions in our country and abroad. He has been taking part in group exhibitions since 1973. He had specialized training in Norway, France, Italy and Cyprus. He received several awards.

D.B.M’s sculptures, a microcosm of the world, reflect an old aesthetic principle that there are no two colors that do not match. This reduction to two factors which are accidentally brought into a relationship is the base of every cognition about the spirituality of possible…it points out to the great possibilities of the abstract principles to define social reality in creation, faster and more accurate than any other descriptive figuration. The installation in the gallery “Haos” shows the essence of Markovic’s game of “simultaneous diversity”. He is fiddling with disbelief and curiosity of the human essence that tends “to touch every hole with its finger”.

Srdjan Markovic – Djile

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