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It was a spontaneous rebel of the students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. It was a rebel against the course and scholastic form. Basically it was a rebel against…the rigid theory of socialistic realism according to the soviet model of that time. Mica Popovic, Petar Omcikus, Bata Mihajlovic, Vera Bozickovic, Ljubinka Jovanovic I Kosara Boksan decided to leave the Academy and Belgrade and leave for nature, just like glorious Barbizons, in March, in 1947. A little bit later, Mileta Andrejevic and Borislav Mihajlovic-Mihiz joined the group as well as the representative of the older generation Bora Grujic.
Very soon, especially after the common departure to Paris in 1952 they were acknowledged as artists and some of them became the leading artists of Serbian painting in the second half of twentieth century.

Stanislav Zivkovic

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