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Predrag Koraksic Corax was born in Cacak, in 1933. He studied architecture at the Belgrade University. He has been engaged in caricature professionally since 1950. With the pseudonym Corax, he has been drawing attention of the people who read daily and weekly newspapers and magazines, specially over the last turbulent decade. He has been working for the magazine “Vreme” since its establishment. He worked for “Nova Borba”. He works for “Danas” and “Ekonomist”, etc. He had several prominent exhibitions in our country and abroad. He received respectable prizes such as “Mica Popovic”, “Ivan Tabakovic” and “The French Legion of Honour”.

The exhibition in the gallery “Chaos” for which Corax received the two most prestigious awards (“Mica Popovic award” and “Ivan Tabakovic award”) well thought-out as a chronology of events and personalities which have determined them, from 1989 till now, is in fact a reminder of an essence of troubled time which we tried to forget before it has been evaluated thoroughly. We believe that Corax’s drawings will faithfully reflect this time and its unfortunate protagonists. If in future someone tries to make an evaluation, it will not be easy to make the forgery since the testimony has already been made. It is a witness to his own vision and also the vision of one time.

Ratko Bozovic

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