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Snezana Marinkovic was born in Belgrade, in 1949. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and she received her M.A. degree in 1975.She has had solo exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Germany, France and Poland. She took part in numerous group exhibitions in our country and abroad. She is a member of “Ametist” group. She is engaged in painting, mosaic, water colour and drawing. She got the first prize on the exhibition of drawings- “Belgrade 1986”, organized by NUBS gallery. She works as a conservationist expert in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

The art of days reflects, first of all, the whole madness of progress, cruelty and limitations of man. For the world of the 20th century has not become neither more perfect nor more human, although it was expected to be so during the 19th century. That is why works of modern artists yell, accuse and protest, that is, speak of apocalyptic moods of artists. Snezana Marinkovic is not one of those artists, there are no trails of such a drama, rebellion or exhibitionism in her artistic opus. She is a “discrete” artist. The main feature of her art is an elitism and aristocratism. She has chosen a role of someone who is noting temporariness, her aim is to aspire after the Beautiful. She has managed to do so with enormous efforts, so typical for a person who has an inborn easy scepticism, indifferent for the art market, fidelity to her own way, loyalty to something that everlastingness is based upon, no matter whether she is engaged in mosaics, drawing experiments with paper works or water colours, like presently when she is painting refined, precise and nice paintings. She does it with colours, mostly the bright ones. Any of her new cycles, even the one she is exhibiting right now, is characterized by a deep contemplation and meditative ness.
Snezana Marinkovic has never been fond of exactness in art. Her painting process is a kind of travelling. A travelling trough erchetypes and myths of our civilization, with quotations of different meaning and with many layers, allusions to ancient myths, although reflected in a new and different mirror. This kind of travelling is a ritual one, for when evoking the pas times, we are also transferred to some future moments. This is an "innocent mission", as Malcolm Lowry would say. For, when an artist is a traveller, his route is an artistic process, namely he is travelling through the very core of the existence.

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