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Misko Pavlovic was born in Belgrade, in 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the class of professor Milica Stevanovic. He received his M.A. from the same faculty in 1994. He was a scholar of the French government. He stayed in Paris during the 1990s. He received an advanced training in the technique of lithography, in Pons studio, in Paris, from 1991-1993. He had around 10 solo exhibitions and around 50 group exhibitions in our country and abroad. On a group exhibition of present and former scholars of the French government, he was awarded the prize of the University Center. He is a professor at “Braca Karic” Academy.

The cultivation of a “hybrid” which has visual-pictorial –expressive nature requires commitment, knowledge, patience, openness, and honesty. For him, to introduce the world into a painting means to make it compatible with the postulates of a painting…the will to transform the world according to the rules of a creative will… natural “ecological “ surroundings, as a fact, existing with a purpose to be turned into a painting which will tell everything…they reflect post-modernist creative visage…

Aleksandar Djuric

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