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Anka Buric was born in Niksic, in 1956. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (department of graphics) in Sarajevo, in 1981, in the class of professor Dzevad Hoza. As a scholar of the CSSR government she had an advanced training at the Academy Viwame Umeni in Prague, in the class of professor Vladislav Cepelak, from 1982-1983. She received her M.A. from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Branko Miljus, in 1983. She had an advanced training in Paris in 1984. She has been taking part in group exhibitions since 1982 and she has had solo exhibitions since 1983. She is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetnje (department of graphic).

The virtual space of a leaf and the thickness of a leaf have become the obliging technical elements and in the foreground, there is a imaginary surroundings of a leaf. It would be very hard to find somebody who relied so much to partly – say as a mean to express what is inexpressible. In Anka Buric’s leaves the reception not the expression of energy can be sensed; they captivate the placid presence of another one, the author’s presence in them always implies the presence of another one, the universal solidarity.  The gesture and a cut are not there to represent the sharpness but to enable meditation…material of the base resists to a decisive, sharp and quick cut…

Ljubomir Gligorijevic

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