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Jelena Trpkovic was born in   Belgrade, in 1952. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and she received her M.A. degree in 1978, in the class of professor Stojan Celic. She has   been taking part in group exhibitions in our country and abroad since 1976. She had around 15 solo exhibitions in the cities of former Yugoslavia. Among other awards, she received the award of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (“Ivan Tabakovic” fund) for collage. She   has been mostly engaged in that technique lately. She has been teaching at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (department of drawing) since 2000.

That obsessive repetition of only one thematic framework brought in so many different moods and atmospheres, so many vivacious variations and different visual solutions that it is possible to talk not only about the commitment to the motive but also about the genuine identification which exceeds pictorial and visual problems and gets into the heart of matter of the existence, like her own confession and like the confession to the superior nature. It is the art of feeding on life. “Loneliness directs us to the essence of things, because their essence is also loneliness.” (“Islands” by Milan Malisic, J. Brotski’s quote).

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