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Rada Selakovic was born in Belgrade, in 1952. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and she received her M.A degree from the same faculty in 1978. As a scholar of the Greek government she had an advanced training in Greece from 1980-1986. As a scholar of the Fulbright programe for the studies in the USA, she had an advanced training in the USA from 1985-1986 and she was at the “Cite International des Arts” in Paris, in 1994. She had around 30 solo exhibitions and more than 200 group exhibitions. She exhibited drawings, graphics, mix-media, objects, mosaics and video-works.

She did not even try to paint according to fashion and trends. Instead she offered something authentic, she invented the writing and the syntax, “she is the only one who speaks that language but everybody understands it”…they form a synthetic totality but they are confronted between themselves: form-fitting line and geometric surfaces, the expressive gesture and symmetry-the balance of masses, the glitter of silver and golden surfaces, colorful serenity, urban buildings and rural sights….” My paintings are not made according to the plan, they just happen. It leads me, I do not lead it.”- these are the words of this author who deeply penetrates into spirituality and shifts the focus of her art work from visual to intellectual and spiritual plan.
In intensive graphic, tranquility and aesthetics, geometric forms witness to one strict and resistant artistic concept. It is primarily expressed by graphically precise drawing-contour that dominates her creative stages and cycles. Aiming at pictorial situations of the essential substratum, she was moving consistently in categories from concretion and association to abstract, from the frozen psychological projection of faces to cosmic and transcendental areas, from the Art Novae, Antique and Byzantine elements to geometric abstractions in the style of Euclid's.

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