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Dusan Ristic was born in Romania in 1913. He went to schools in Temisvar and Novi Sad. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Petar Dobrovic. As a   scholar of JUZAM he studied fine arts and theatre art in Paris in 1950 and as a scholar of the British Council he studied in London in 1952. He began to work in the National Theatre in 1942. He worked for almost all theatres in Belgrade and prominent centers in former Yugoslavia. He also worked for the opera houses in Vienna, Rome and Bukurest. He was a full professor at the Faculty of Applied arts and Design in Belgrade.

The splendor of his numerous settings and costumes points out to the devoted rhythm, without hiding its unruliness, reduction, purity of ballet gestures or character features of acting movements. From the youthful settings…over the decades of stage settings and choreographic trends, poetic quiver identical to the highest principles of existence and artistic creation   have always been the part of the artistic manner. The figures, rich balance of tones of the differently illuminated stage, confirmed the lightness of the highly sophisticated European artist.

Nikola Suica

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