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Ljubinka Jovanovic was born in Belgrade, in 1922. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of professor Ivan Tabakovic. She went to Zadar in 1947 and she joined “Zadarska group” there. She was a member of the groups “Lada” and “Jedanaestorica”. She has been living and working in Paris since 1952. She had about 30 solo exhibitions and more than 70 group exhibitions in our country and abroad. Her works are to be found in the prominent collections.

„She even did not try to paint in accordance with styles and trends imposed moreover, she offered something authentic and invented a new alphabet and syntax, `the language that only she can speak and all others understand`… All these make a synthetic unit of clashing contouring lines and geometrical surfaces, expressive gesture and symmetry, mass equilibrium, glow of silver and gold surfaces and colorful muffling, urban buildings and rural scenes… `I do not study the picture. It simply happens. It is the picture that guides me and not me guiding the picture`. Those are the words of this author who more and more deeply penetrates into the spirituality and whose art is gradually moving from the visual to the intellectual and spiritual level”. 

Borka Božović

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