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Bojan Bem was born in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (department of art history). He was in Paris from 1966-1969 and from 1985-2001. He had solo exhibitions in the cities of ex Yugoslavia, France and Italy. He took part in numerous group exhibitions. His works are to be found in museums and private collections in Belgrade, Paris, etc. Many prominent local and foreign critics wrote about his work.

In his “stills” there is no lower perspective. As a rule it has always been upper and a bit shunted view, like a bird’s eye view. In a long-term, very gradual and selective retreat of living beings from the iconographic repertoire, from a bird that had a dominant position on a painting from 1971, to a later drawing with just one shadow left…one stop in a gradual disappearance of material from work…just the shell of human presence… an ideal diagram of life-cycle- the disappearance of recognizable shapes shifts the focus into the area of thoughts.

Mileta Prodanovic

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