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Radovan Kragulj was born in Prijedor (BiH). He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and at The Central school of Arts and Crafts in London. He was a lecturer at the schools of art in Great Britain, France, Belgium including the College of Arts in Manchester, the College of Graphics in London, the Schools of Fine Arts in Mons and Brusels and   The Scholl of Arts –“Parson” in Paris. He had more than 60 solo exhibitions and 200 group exhibitions all over the world. He received numerous awards. His works are to be found in the prominent collections of foundations, libraries and museums all over the world.

Words can never convey what we exactly wanted to say. Undoubtedly, some aesthetic configurations can be suggested-but it could be where the artist did not want them. The artist’s statements can of course be paraphrased but in Kragulj’s case they are clear and explicit. “Man’s alienation from nature is the main subject in his work” or “In my work I am committed to studying that strange occurrence, man’s alienation from nature, which can be seen in the strong relationship with domestic animals. That is the reason why I decided to choose a cow as a symbol.

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