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From the deep darkness that lasted for several years, it could also be said:” from the night that lasted for a decade”, the sparks of a new creative power are appearing like clear voices of an inexorably coming century. This power marks the end or the complete wash-out of that night. That dawn is gradual and in contrast to the laws of geography and physics (according to them the dawn occurs in the east)-it happens at many places, exactly at the places which are the most famous and the most active spots of the present, civilized, cultural and artistic frame. It has been like that for 100 millenniums in human history so there is no reason for any changes in that respect, especially not by violent or unnatural means of distorted ideologies.

These paintings, among the latest yu-euro paintings (maybe more precisely- images made with the use of various means-oil on canvass, collage, drawing or combined techniques on paper, but all of them have one common artistic feature-it is a line as a base of the formal and semantic unity of a real image) certainly form a new art for completely new museums of future-those that will like present ones draw the maps of changed creative imagination, those artistic temperaments and talents, completely committed to the just one purpose-to their own art. Those artists use and obtain their own worlds inspired with these deep foundations. Their own worlds are filled with perspectives of life, sometimes with humor, sometimes irony but almost always with the genuine vitality that brings us into a completely different world in which they live now.         At the end of a century, the results and achievements are being evaluated and future trends are being anticipated. The world of art is always the most interesting. It is often unpredictable. That uncertainty, that entrance into the labyrinth of possible, fantastic outcomes is interesting for us and therefore we present the generation of fine artists who bring freshness, a different spirit, typical of the new era.

The new refers to the artistic manner as well as to play, wondering, ironic distance, attitude or declared aim among the generation of the new artists. Alongside with aesthetic elements, the ethical and social mission is also important. At the same time, the new refers to the treatment of a subject, the choice of themes, the use of material, and the tendency towards subversive and bizarre which is again a special resistance to the conditions in which they live and create. The tendency toward violation and shifting of optical limits (the drawing enters the space, the picture frame is a part of an object), the change of the appearance of an artistic image and the emphasis on its meanings are very pronounced.

Jovan Despotovic

Jasna Nikolic was born in Belgrade in 1966. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design , in the class of professor Gradimir Petrovic, in 1990 She received her M.A. degree from the same   faculty. She had several solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. She is especially renowned for her drawings, works on paper and books of drawings.
Sasa Stojanovic was born in 1968. He got a degree in painting. He committed himself to the individual culture.

Bogdan Pavlovic was born in Belgrade in 1969. He began his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and he graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He had solo and group exhibitions, mostly abroad. He received several prizes. His works are to be found in prominent foundations and collections.
Marija Pavlovic was born in Nis, in 1973. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, 1996. She received her M. A. degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts (department of drawing) in Belgrade. She had 3 solo exhibitions and a number of group exhibitions. She won an annual exhibition award for young artists in Sremski Karlovci in 1998. She died in 2004.

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