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Sonja Briski Uzelac was born in Belgrade, in 1946. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in 1970 and she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1976. She received her M.A degree from the department of art history. She won her doctor's degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1984. She has been publishing her works on the theory of art since 1971. She has been exhibiting since 1977.She was a full professor of the history of art and arts poetics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for many years. She lives and works in Zagreb.

Her linear and equally tone and colorist conception followed the stencil of an architectural module, starting with the reconsideration of constructive fascination over the non- framed, abstracted space. According to the theory of observation, the suggestion of material, three-dimensionality implies the laws of physics but also the determination with spatial coordinate surrendered to the course of time. Therefore the anthropometric size of pastels and drawings reveals the memory of spatial action…a passage to a view from a palace but also from the ideology of functionalism and various existential coordinates and impossibilities.

Nikola Suica

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