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Dragan Mojovic was born in Belgrade, in 1942. He graduated from the College of Chemical Engineering. He also studied philosophy. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Sumatovacka street. He has had 40 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in our country and abroad since 1974. He is particularly interested in the exploration of an essence. Alongside with exhibitions, he organized a few multimedia events. He received many awards. He died in 2001 in Belgrade.

Inspired with the eternal inspiration of every great artist - with fish/human like figures from Lepenski Vir emanating the Logo. Creation of a man according to the God’s conception seems like an impossible achievement. Out of nowhere, primordial human faces or more precisely one changing human face is emerging in front of our mental view.
Everything that he presented to us as a painter, a religious thinker, a philosopher and a scientist in his latest incarnated manifestation of “turning invisible into visible” is the incarnation we all experience during our own personal development.

  Vladeta Jerotic

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