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Rajko Popivoda was born in Belgrade, in 1953. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of sculpture, in 1976. He received his M.A degree from the same faculty in 1978. He has been exhibiting in our country and abroad since 1976. He had around 15 solo exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro, SAD, France, Germany and Norway. He is the author of sculptural projects for exterior and interior. His sculptures are to be found in the National Museum in Belgrade, the Museum of Contemporary art, the National museum in Krusevac and in private collections in our country and abroad.

The concern about the texture of the matter is obvious especially on the drawings which do not represent the sketches or notes but deal with the “application” of sculpturing experiences of how different materials behave. Made in combined techniques, sometimes in a felt pen or in coal, they are created within the range of Popivoda’s sculpture-from a motive of very simple forms, made in the thick dispersion which creates the surface, suggesting inner fullness and volume to the collage structures that are bringing “the outer space” in its architecture. By its transparency, stratification, they suggest their ideological connection with the series of sculptures-cages

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