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Darko Malenica was born in Novi Sad, in 1968. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, department t of painting, in the class of professor Milan Blanusa and professor Vladimir Tomic.   He did scenographies for the Serbian National Theatre and the Youth theatre in Novi Sad. He worked as an art editor and he was the author of animations for   TV Novi sad. He has had solo and group exhibitions since 1996. He has been a member of   the Asssociation of the Vojvodina's painters since 1995.

These drawings are essentially different from the usual pictorial images inspired with the universe…Only the human image is missing; but instead of that the things he made, unusual buildings, pieces of tools, the furniture, various rolls for a shop-window of a bakery, the roads, the bridges…Words are not enough to conjure up the richness of visual levels, it is even harder to enclose at once the sophisticated pictorial levels accomplished by the simplest expressive means-white paper and a lead pencil.

Jasna Jovanov

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