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Marko Celebonovic was born in Belgrade, in 1902. He studied law and economics in England and France. Since he was interested in sculpture he was shortly in Antoan Burdel's studio but he committed himself to painting from 1923. He lived in Paris and Saint Tropez till the Second World War. He was in France during the wore and he took part in the Resistance movement, After liberation he returned to Yugoslavia and he worked as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, from 1948-1960, with short brakes. He was a member of the groups “Oblik”, “Dvanestorica” and “Samostalni”. He became a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1958 and he became a full member in 1968. He had around 50 solo exhibitions, among them two retrospectives.

What is a drawing for Celebonovic? Just a sketch? Or just a freed game? Or just a suspicion or a hint of a painting? Or is a drawing a painting? In one conversation Celebonovic said: ”When you start a drawing on a white surface, and if you are inspired, you are almost sorry for having to go further, because you can express something that is more important at the very beginning and not later”… He achieves the high quality of his paintings with the unbelievable easiness, like in a game. We have the impression that he, with just a couple of free, fast and easy strokes touches the paper and from the whiteness, it comes to the surface what a painter sensed in it: an apple, or a hint of a apple, a flower, or a hint of a flower, an outline of a chest of drawers, or a jug, or a vase; something red or something blue, something which was kept within whiteness as its secret, as its essence.

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