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Pavle Pejovic was born at Orasi, near Cetinje in 1950. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1980. He received his M.A. degree in the class of professor Misa Popovic, in 1982. He is a full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetnje and he was a dean at the same faculty. He has been a member of the International sculptural center in Washington since 1990. He is a full member of DANU and he is a secretary of the department of arts. He is a president of  the Association of the Fine Arts Artists of Montenegro. Pavle Pejovic's sculptures are to be found in many public places in our towns. His work in granite “Par”(couple) was created in Italy.

No matter how much the author does not show the unquestioning tendency toward simple geometric forms and no matter how much he does not reach for industrial materials (he chooses materials in their basic state) they meet one of the basic requirements of minimalism: maximum of sincerity where totality is more important than its parts, relation composition beats a retreat from the arrangement of the simple order. In that arrangement there is no symbolic exchange. It is about the things that symbolize themselves.   

Zoran Gavric

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