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GORDAN NIKOLIĆ was born in 1951 in Dežva, near Novi Pazar. Graduated in 1982, M.A. degree got in 1985, at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, with Professor Radenko Mišević He is a Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Had many one-man-shows from 1984, both in our country and abroad. Won several awards for painting and drawing. His works are in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, NEUE GALERIE – Graz, “Fond Madlena Janković - Belgrade and many other private collections both at home and abroad. The Gallery HAOS exhibits his works from the cycle MASKS, made in the period 1999-2001, in combined technique, dimensions 71 x 100,5 cm.

The artist diminished description of “condition” of those FACES stylized to caricature and grotesque. His imagination got free and he made his codes, while the painting was reduced to the very sign. Occasionally (or not?) the photography of a MASK, instead of a FACE, became the artist’s starting point for his new plastic adventures. Behind the MASK we can hint the inside dimensions of the author and discover primeval motives, universal dynamic forms of the archetype… Different graphic lines, shorter or longer, light or powerful, straight or like a spiral, set beside each other or lonely, “move” freely through the space or remind us discretely to the distant starting point of the initial motive – the basic “marks” of faces and masks. Even in the most abstract composition, there is always a “sign”…

Ljiljana Slijepcevic

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