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PETAR OMČIKUS (Sušak, 1926), studied at the Academy of fine arts in the class of professor Tabaković. He is one of the founders and members of “Zadarska grupa”. He has been living and working in Paris since 1952 and has had a studio in 11 Deduvr street since 1957. He is engaged in painting, sculpture, graphic and mosaic. He took part in Paris Biennial in 1961. He is the co-author of a number of books together with many writers. He had numerous exhibitions and among them two retrospective exhibitions (in the Museum of Contemporary art in 1989 and in the gallery of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1998, in Belgrade). He received many significant awards. He is an associate member of the Serbian   Academy of Arts and Sciences.

“Drawing, as a trace of an impulse gestation, phenomenally essential element of his painting expression, is characterized by an extreme spontaneity of performance and internal dynamics which are shown in his sure and quick observation of motives. Works inspired by writing which were created on rare occasions of instant inspiration by literature make a special chapter of his art creation. Omcikus studies literary phenomenon through his painting sensitivity. Free strokes and gently `spots` discover exceptional sensibility for a painting materialization of a certain idea”...

Zdravko Vučinić

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