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MILICA STEVANOVIĆ Born in 1933 in Belgrade, where she still lives. Awarded bachelor and master's degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. From 1968 taught painting and drawing at the Belgrade University of Arts -Faculty of Fine Arts. Has exhibited throughout Yugoslavia as well as in several other countries. Has participated in major events including the Belgrade Triennial, Jugoslovenska Dokumenta in Sarajevo, the Sao Paulo Biennial… She has also been the recipient of a number of awards and prizes. In 1999 she published a book of essays, “Perspective of Gravitational Fields”.

“The line is rather dominant in interpretation of the already seen.  In comparison with power of the colored stain, the line also means the language of rarefied pointing and is always at the edge of a strong interpretation…she includes spontaneously imagined forms and the most different formal connections. That is how she manages to transfer authority of a powerfully articulated continuum to her tiny, intimate, perceptive analysis of reality…There exists a luxurious polyphony on her drawn/painted motives; instead of stylizing, there is a same corporal integrity of details and the integral work “...

Ljubomir Gligorijevic

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