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MIODRAG ROGIĆ the painter and the graphic artist, was born in Belgrade in 1932. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts. He had been the professor at The Academy of Fine Arts since 1961. until 1988. He had twenty solo exhibitions in Belgrade, on which he had exhibited his drawings, paintings and graphics. Awards: the award of “Oktobarski salon” for graphics and paintings, “Oktobarska nagrada” of Belgrade city, the ULUS award, “Veliki pečat” the award of “The Graphic Collective”, the award for the life contribution to the graphic art, and   the “Politika” award for painting.

"When you talk with Rogic, he explains himself in a trivial way: Modern? This is an old man, seen long ago, from the Cro-Magnon to our times, drawn in an old and conventional way. What is to be modern in all that? Obviously nothing! The art, Borges like, made of the art itself, music from music, film from film, literature from literature, poetry from poetry, embroidery from embroidery… When painting man or woman, Rogic has too much space at his disposal. When painting still-life, too much space and time. When painting nudes, too much history and space. ROGIC IS SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF THE INFINITE REGRESS IN DRAWING!"

Milan Markovic

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