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JELENA KRSTIĆ was born in Belgrade in 1972. She graduated Piano from the Faculty of Musical Arts in Belgrade in 1993. She has been devoted to the visual arts since early childhood, but the beginning of schooling directs her to music. Her first verses also date from that period. Since her arrival in Canada, in 1994, she has been entirely dedicated to painting and poetry. Several poems from her collection Touching Death were published in Profemina magazine in 2000 (Belgrade). She had a solo exhibition in the Tapas Gallery in Toronto in 2001. Ad Libitum , a long poem, was published by the Independent Prints of Slobodan Mašić, Nova edition, in 2002.

"The long poem is accompanied with a series of drawings by the author herself, created simultaneously and in association with the verses, but not as their illustrations. Although both languages are written in female hand, their interrelationship surpasses mere visualizations… This distinct echo of poetry is manifest in circular forms that do not spread concentrically but burst into space, on the surface of paper."

Bojana Buric

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