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ŽELJKA MOMIROV was born in Novi Sad, in 1962. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Sculpture, orientation for sculpture in space and architecture. M.A. degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Member of ULUS and ULUPUDS, assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Won many prizes and awards: “Zlatno dleto   ULUSA” (Golden Chisel of ULUS), Award of the City Assembly of Belgrade, Award of SATRID, etc. On this occasion, Gallery “Haos” is presenting her works made in the combined technique (crayon and printing color) and sculptures made combining different materials (wood, stone, metal). 

"In the second group of her drawings, the artist’s handwriting is more sensible, gracious and tiny. The line still keeps its sincere expressiveness and spontaneity of expression. The artist often creates pointed forms accentuating vertical progress, together with other elements of her drawings. Dramatic cuttings from previous works are changed by more delicate and soft constructions aspiring towards the heights. In those drawings, we can also see the lyrical drama."

Ivana Rajacic Barandovski

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