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GAYE PATERSON graduated in Graphic Design from East Sidney National Art School, Australia, in 1971. She also studied printmaking at Canberra Institute of Art, Australian National University, in the period 1980-1982. She has had one-man-shows in Australia, United States of America, Greece, Jordan, Thailand, Burma, Switzerland and Macedonia. Being a wife of a diplomat, she lived in Belgrade from 1997 to 1999. In that period, she was extremely active and took part in artistic manifestation such as the International Biennial of Printmaking and the Open Graphic Workshop in Belgrade, the International Biennial of Miniature Arts in Gornji Milanovac and the International Graphic Arts Biennial of Dry Point in Užice.

"In the past much of my work has been influenced by political events and tragedy starting with images in the early 1980’s of the West Bank from a trip I made there in 1979 to images of refugees in Thailand, the imprisonment of Myanmar’s political leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi, to a massacre by a crazed gun man in Australia to the recent NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Artist seldom know from where their influences come from, so many things influence us both visually and mentally. Some of these influences are recorded in our notebooks – something we’ve seen in an exhibition or a museum, something we’ve seen in passing from traveling from one destination to another; a book we’ve read or a comment in graffiti; objects we’ve found walking along a beach that have an appealing shape or form; our families and our friends. Art and life are inseparable... From a collection of both traditional tools and materials, tools found in building supplier shops to scraps of metal I have explored the textural surface of both printmaking and drawing to create these works on paper in this exhibition."

Gaye Paterson

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