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DRAGOLJUB VARAJIĆ was born in 1943, in Ozrinici, near Nikšić. He has finished the School of Arts in Herceg Novi, the Academy of Applied Arts and the post graduate studies in Belgrade. Member of ULUPUDUS /Association of Applied Artists of Serbia/ since 1976. Had four one-man- shows in Belgrade, Gornji Milanovac and Herceg Novi. Took part in the most prominent exhibitions of visual and applied arts. Won important awards of ULUPUDUS, triennial of ceramics, inter-republic award for drawing and the international award for illustration, Zlatno pero Beograda   /Golden Pen of Belgrade/. His works are exhibited in museums in Belgrade, Aranđelovac and Ressen. Took part in symposiums in Aranđelovac and Ressen. Employed at the Belgrade Faculty of Biology.

"Images, symbols, signs … with deep roots in the mythical consciousness of observers. Painting intimacy in nature (it is not by chance that in our language the term to paint also means to make a photograph) the author wants to accentuate those parts on three trunks which are continually showing that the nude is not discovery of men - it is immanent to nature. Vulnerability of a tree reveals shades of our souls. Therefore, in Varajic's visual graphemes, in triangles, circles or ellipses, vulvae, vaginal crevices are becoming totem entries into a complete whole that men and woods used to be long ago."

Dragan Uskoković

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