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ALEKSANDAR CVETKOVIĆ was born in 1947 in Aleksinac, Serbia. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in 1973, post-graduate studies in 1975, on the Painting Department of the same Academy. He has had approximately fifty exhibitions, both at home and abroad. He took part in many manifestations of visual arts and won many awards in the field of painting and drawing.

"It is rather surprising that Cvetkovic, who is essentially a colorist, is exhibiting his works in the gallery HAOS – the gallery which is promoting the art of drawing first of all and is  a great challenge for artists fond of drawing… The exhibited works are the most close to the experience of monotype… The acrylic works on paper from the Review of morning press are showing that provocative character of the daily press… It is rather unusual that Cvetkovic, in his latest works, appreciates American sources of his style, being inclined, first of all, to condensed colors of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko. His line is an important element only when it has to point out effects of thematic figures. In all other aspects, he is faithful to himself, arranging on the walls of HAOS gallery a witty play of daily news, color and wanderings within him self."

Boško Stepanovic

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