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JOSIPA PEPA – PAŠĆAN born in Belgrade. She has studied the art history in Belgrade, the Faculty of Philosophy. Member of ULUS – Serbian Artistic Association (painting and other media). Took part in many important group exhibitions of Yugoslav and Serbian painting, drawing, aquarelle, photography and other media, but also had many one-man-shows. Self educated in painting, but she has learned a lot during her study visits to foreign countries. Awarded by the ULUS prize for painting in 2000.

"The reduced “baroque” bust caused the growth of portrait, mystery of the childish-girlish look. The presence of a mysterious being (the one who is peeping) is adding a discrete smile to the face, discrete sincerity, (discrete charm...). That incredibly light smile slipped down the face to the bust, to the large solemn shawl. We think about the doll, maybe the “puppet”, or simply a dressed dummy – a teaching aid (A Teacher! *), still gladly seen in artistic studios... Painting, portrait a blond girl. Cover of the cloak.
Pearl, secret safe with codes and instructions is a mediator in interweaving, in dividing of the two indivisible worlds, form and color."

Pepa Pascan

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