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JARMILA VEŠOVIĆ Rous was born in Cetinje, August 13th, 1954. Graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts, in 1980, Department of Painting. Post graduate studies completed in 1982. Since she got a scholarship of the French government, she lived in Paris in the period 1986-1990, learning tapestry in the studio of Gino Silvesti, Beaux-Arts. She has had individual and collective shows from 1985 on, taking part in many artistic manifestations both at home and abroad, mostly in France. Beside many prizes that she has won, we cannot but point out the award of The Belgrade October Salon, in 1991 and the first prize for painting of the city of Maisons-Laffitte for 2003. She has made illustrations for ten copies of a rather rare book, `Apres le Temps` and published a book of poetry named   `The Imprint of Time` in 2001. Lives and works in Paris.  

"In her memory and artistic language, we can recognize rough beauty of landscapes in Montenegro, as well as Byzantine, Mediterranean heritage. Due to all that, she is a unique personality in her artistic surrounding. Special effects are attained by the use of colored pigment, crushed stone, metal dust, earth or colors of old frescoes. Jarmila is harmoniously expressing symbols of universal civilization that she belongs to and according to which her emotive, sensual code has been adapted. In her artistic personality we can recognize a certain “carelessness”, unwillingness to define her creative act."

Borka Bozovic

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