Drawing Art Gallery CHAOS

1967 - born in Belgrade
1974-84 - School in Belgrade
1988-89 - Webster University - Wien
1995-96 - London College of Printing and Distributive Trades
(Professional Photography Practice)
1996 - Behind the Stage, ”J.D.P.” (Yugoslav Drama Theater)
1997 - Prominent Ladies, “Stupica” (Small scene of J.D.P.)
1998 - Woman - River, “Stupica”
2000 - Popcorn, “Stupica”

"The influence of media and media image, the screen, and soon after, digital paradigm on one side, as well as the influence of popular culture represented by Pop Art, gave a new impulse to our perception and annihilated the previous distinction between the so called “high” and “low” art. Aspiration for the “elevated” and the “sublime” in painting, that has had the modern “grille” as a formal model, is worn out by metaphysical interpretations and reduced to visual code, to the sign multiplied and developed in many variations..."

Zoran Eric

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
  • +381 11 2627-497