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JOVAN RAKIDZIĆ , born in Dobrica, in 1944. Finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Ljubica Sokic, in 1968. Post graduate studies at the same Academy, in the class of Professor Stojan Ćelić, in 1970. Full time Professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Had thirty five individual exhibitions both at home and abroad, and took part in many collective exhibitions, as well. Won about thirty prizes and awards: “Zlatna paleta” (Golden palette) of ULUS (Serbian Artistic Association) in 1977, award for drawing at the 19 th October Salon in 1978, award at the exhibition “Drawing and Small Plastics”   in 1979, the third award at the International Triennial of Young Artists   “Drawing Today” in Nurnberg, in 1979, “Zlatna igla” (Golden needle) of ULUS   in 1985, award of Studio B at the exhibition “From April to April” in 1992, Grand Prix of the Biennial of Modern Yugoslav Drawing in Sombor in 1993, “Grand prix at the Biennial “Milena Pavlović Barili”.

"His specific drawing obsession is obvious in his acceptance of drawing as the final statement. Constantly concerned for destiny of men surrounded by general and unavoidable civilization evil, the artist used to paint lifeless bodies, victims, crashes, objects thrown away, trash piles of everyday life and history in a documentary precise and persuasive way. He was doing it before the same scenes appeared on news, photographs and TV screens, even before we all became witnesses and participants of the war disaster. Drawing and pictorial expression of Jovan Rakidzic is expressionistic in its conceptual essence."

Sava Stepanov

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