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ČEDOMIR VASIĆ was born in Belgrade 1948. 1971 graduated in Painting department at the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts. 1973 obtained MFA from the same school after studying with Professor Đ.Bošan. 1975/76 Fullbright Grant at the University of California, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles. Exibits largery since 1969 here and abroad. Since 1976 engaged in video (tape, installation, enviroment). From 1983 as promoter of mural painting in Belgrade accomplished a number of   work for public spaces. Since 1973 publishes articles and essays on Visual Art. Lives and works in Belgrade. Professor at the Faculty (Academy) of Fine Arts in Belgrade (Painting and Drawing). Since 1984 teaches at the Faculty of Performing Arts (Visual culture) and since 2001 at the Interdisciplinary postgraduate stdies of University of Arts (Polymedia Art).

"Cedomir Vasic's drawings offer the possibility of a better insight into and understanding of his whole creative output since the seventies to date... Vasić's inexhaustible source of various visual expressions is the world of antiquity with its myths, architecture or sculpture. In the direct contact with the object detailed descriptions originated gradually to be reduced or directly transposed into sign ... the visual changes of light and shadow while the motif landscape or architecture is trasformed in succession in course of an hour... Sketches of silhouettes of passers-by rhythmisized in an endless line. Horses, dogs, cats... A great many notes about personalities of his family keep »driving back« the artist to his intimate milieu, in which he sometimes wishes to draw only one rose and its shadow."

Ljiljana Slijepcevic

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


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