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MILAN TEPAVAC was born in 1957, graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, in 1985. Had scholarship of The Government of France and attended painting studio of Prof. Jean Sire Bernard in 1989, within the XXIII Summer International University. With the scholarship of Spanish Government, stayed in Madrid to specialize painting and print at the Academia de Bellas Artes. In 2001 – 2003 completed interdisciplinary post graduate studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Department of multi-medial arts, with Prof. Vladan Radovanović and Prof. Čedomir Vasić
Important one-man-shows:
1983 Beograd SKC, "Unusual reality"
1986 Novi Sad, Great Gallery of Center of Culture
1987 London Gallery, “Creative Image”
Zagreb, Gallery of the Students Center of Culture
1994 Novi Pazar, Gallery “Sopoćanska viđenja”
1995 Beograd, Visual Arts Gallery KCB
1997 Paris, La galerie “Art Present”
1999 Sombor, Gallery "Autumn of Visual Arts"
2000 Beograd, Gallery of Visual Arts KCB
From 1982 exhibited in almost all important exhibitions both at home and abroad, in France, England, Hungary, Spain and Germany. Milan Tepavac is author of the performance “Breakfast on Grass”. The first night was in the Belgrade scene SKC, in 1983. It was one of the first attempts to show the visual arts theater on the professional scene. He is also author of several video works and scenographies.

"The work includes new media – video and digital, but it does not neglect the old media as well – painting on canvas, text on paper or assemblage. Synthesis of two aspects of physical presentation is used: installation and sequences. Organization of exhibited material like an installation is not only a global solution, but a functional projection. It is separated by a drowned border line, starting from the floor and going up the wall. The line suggests not only confrontation of the old and new media and occurrences in art, but it also directs us towards some borders out of art: in geopolitics, ethics, everyday life."

Vladan Radovanovic

Working time: 12-20h Every day except Sunday


  • Dositejeva 3 - 11000 Belgrade - Serbia.
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