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HALIL TIKVEŠA (1935) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1961, where he also obtained his M.A. in 1964. As a scholarship recipient of the Polish Government he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. From 1976 to 2000 Tikveša was professor of graphic art and drawing   at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad. He has exhibited drawings, paintings, prints, collages and objects since 1962. He has held one-man shows several times. He has participated in international exhibitions and biennials held in: Cracow (1966,1968), Bradford (1968,1982), Lugano(1968), Paris (1968), Sao Paolo (1969), Berlin (1970), Alexandria (1970) , Friedrichstadt (1980,1982) , Biela (1973, 1983), Jyvaskyla (1975). Heidelberg (1979), Bon-Scur (1982).Citadella (1979), Ljubljana (1987), New Delhi (1988).
Recipient of many awards and praizes.

"In Halil Tikveša's drawing output two themes dominate: nature and body. The painter's life at the mouth of the Neretva River and at the mouth of the Sava River has contributed to such themes. The hedonistic line describes scenes and pleasures of untrammeled and ubiquitous Eros. Marcel Duchamp's credo, which proclaims
"Cerebral fever", is now altered into "retinal fever" by Gille Neret. The shape of the pear tree leaf is transformed into the meaning of three elements: soil, water and air. Noon, as part of a summer day in which shapes are the clearest and the air is filled with scents of the Mediterranean flora, is the moment when emotion completely unites with nature."

 Radomir Reljic

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