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DŽOJA (Gioya ) RATKOVIĆ GAVELA was born in Mostar in 1941. She studied   at the Faculty of Law and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade with Professor Šerban. She worked   as a contributor to some newspapers and publishing houses as well as an illustrator of TV Belgrade.She has exhibited in one-man and group exhibitions since 1968. She has exhibited her work at   twenty one-man shows and a great number of group exhibitions at home and abroad, among which several devoted to drawing, political drawing, cartoons and illustrations. She is the winner of over ten awards for her visual realisations. For the last fifteen years she has lived and worked in Wienna or rather: on the relation Belgrade - Wienna.

"The love for fairy-tales, it is a gift for perceiving the world as a magic. It is a magic which is ceaselessly, boastfully, elusively reveals itself and hiding at the same time-it is something that can not be said or painted regardless our skillfulness with a brush or a pencil. That is the basic feeling shining through these drawings-fairy tales. Those fairy-tails are unavoidable during our introspection, they make you fulfilled and happily insatiable.
I would say that the most important task of human fantasy is to present things realistically. It is an impossible task but none the less honorable and necessary. To reach that goal we face many paths and ways to travel. Just like in spirituality which includes numerous religions, many windows to the same sky, many ceremonies in order to reach the goal."

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