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MARKO VELK was born in Yugoslavia in 1969. Lives and works in Paris. Since 1991 he has exhibited in one-man and group exhibitions in France, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, United States, Ukraine, Mexico, Switzerland.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris.
Museum of Contemporay Art, Belgrade,Yugoslavia.

1st Prize Lefranc & Bourgeois, Paris.1997.
1st Prize Swarovski, Paris, 1999.

"Marko Velk's works lay particular emphasis on this experimental aspect of drawing... The tension between the whiteness of the paper and the blackness of the charcoal and dry pastel creates another factor. The forms thus emerge from the shadow which covers the entire surface of the sheet of paper, and in which they seem to be caught or, conversely, permeated by the original light of the paper in which they are refracted. In this exercise, Marko Velk's stroke takes on a pictorial dimension. He uses the whiteness of the paper and the blackness of the charcoal as colors that are natural to it, which he modulates, exploring their powers, and contrasting the drawings with them. In particular, he brings out the relationship between ground and figure, which are internationally muddled, and, on the basis of the idea of the visible as appearance, like a trace left on the paper, just like the photographic image, in the negative."

Amélie Pironneau

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