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JAGODA BUIĆ was born in Split, Croatia. She studied at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design, and in parallel art history at the Zagreb University Faculty of Philosophy. She completed her studies at the Academy in Vienna. She specialized in film in Rome, and theater costume in Venice. She has authored many drama theater, opera, ballet and film stage designs (for as many as 150 productions) in various countries. In 1965 she completed her first spatial form, a sculptural tapestry, which was a great step forward in this discipline. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam was the first to include her work in its collection, which was followed by acquisition of her works by more than forty museums and other highly regarded collectors worldwide. She has exhibited in the most esteemed museums and galleries, and art exhibits in Europe and America. She has had a number of shared exhibits and more than eighty individual exhibitions in Paris, Düsseldorf, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Zurich, Tokyo, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Oslo, Barcelona, Montreal, Chicago, New York, Madrid, Vienna, Sao Paolo, Washington, San Francisco, Darmstadt, Bordeaux, Stockholm, Nantes, Lausanne, Split, Belgrade, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ni š , Dubrovnik. She has won numerous awards locally and abroad including the Grand Prix at the biennale in Sao Paolo and the Herder Award for cultural contribution. She has taught at foreign art universities and led workshops. Today she is also involved in theatre directing, in addition to total visual identity.

"Paper is not a new material for Jagoda Buic. She has written some of her most beautiful pages on it… The line as the decisive tendency to the important, she brings us into the most subtle spaces ever conquered. The play of the collage, mostly abstract surfaces, flat or voluminous, specially honors paper, its delicateness, transparency, lightness, modulation abilities… Motifs from nature or memory are never present; the artist rather expresses her feelings and views through purely artistic language."

Borka Bozovic

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