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DUŠAN GAĐANSKI was born on the 1972 in Zemun. He published his cartoons and illustrations in daily newspapers "Demokratija", "Glas javnosti", "Blic", Naša borba", "Danas", "Nacional" and in   weekly newspapers "NIN", "Krug", "Ošišani jež", etc. He has been contributor to the newspaper "Vijesti" from Montenegro for many years and to the daily newspaper "Ekspres" where he publishes his cartoons in the form of comic. He published books "The year that was eaten by grasshoppers"(1998) and "Demo creature - the last five-year plan (2002)

"Coming over in the first place to political cartoons Gadjanski is not concerned with any common topics. He is not like his colleagues, because his cartoons cannot be used as illustrations for anyone or in any newspaper readings. They are exactly intended, they are expressions for themselves and their messages are sharp and politically fatal…enough reasons for believing that, in future, he will find his honorable place between outstanding persons of Serbian cartoonists."

Vjekoslav Radovic

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