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DUŠAN GERZIĆ GERA born in Belgrade 1961. During the 1980s he cooperated with rock groups Električni Orgazam, Haustor, Idoli, D'Boys, Ekatarina Velika, as a graphics designer (invitations, posters, album covers). 1985-86 cooperated with artists gathered around the Student Cultural Center (SKC). Exhibitions Drawings and New Frescos at the SKC Gallery. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where he completed two semesters with professor V. Veličković as his mentor. In April 1987 he took part in the exhibit L'Art Sans Frontieres. The same year he moved to New York where he spent three years living and working. He had an individual exhibition at Gallery 48 in New York in 1989. He returned to Paris in 1991, where he lived and worked for the next six years. He had an individual exhibition at the Elysabeth Gouzy Longe gallery, Paris. He took part in several group exhibitions in France between 1992 and 1996. He returned to Belgrade in 1997. He had an exhibition of drawings that same December at the SKC Happy Gallery in Belgrade. He died in January 1998 in Belgrade. His work was exhibited in March 1998 at a group exhibition of five artists, Asocial Insurance (Kosančićev Venac Gallery, Belgrade). An exhibition of paintings, drawings and photographs was organized at the Kibla multimedia center in Maribor. In 1999 French actor Jean-Marc Barr filmed the movie Lovers based on the period of Dušan Gerzić's life in Paris. Last year the exhibition Belgrade, Paris, New York was organized at the French Cultural Center in Belgrade, and an exhibition of drawings, collages, and photographs at the French Cultural Center in Banja Luka. Recognizing his exquisite and extensive opus of drawings, we came upon the idea to present a selection of drawings in March 2005 at the CHAOS Gallery that have not been available to the public, at least not locally.

"The impression of an authentic, unclassified, very young representative of the generation of artists that during the turbulent changes of the 1980s gave its full contribution in creating the esthetic physiognomy of the time…The old, nineteenth-century Parisian melancholy and the even older Bosch's dance macabre in collision with the icons of the New World in Gera's consciousness and imagination created complete absurd combinations of real and imaginary, experienced and fabricated, rational and irrational, physical and spiritual - a psychogenic melancholic humor."

Jovan Despotovic

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