Drawing Art Gallery CHAOS

IRENA LAGATOR was born in Cetinje 1976. She graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Cetinje with professor Mile Grozdanić. She received her M.A. at the same school and with the same professor. During 1999-2000. she was in Academy of fine arts in Le Mans in France. Between group shows, she selected: S1 salon, Sheffield, UK (2005), 9th exhibition of contemporary art ‘Saturarte', Genova, Violenta imaginii, imaginae violenti, I biennial of Tineret, Bucharest, V Cetinje Biennial: 'Love it or Leave it'; 'Orchid', Corridoio 8, Mavu artspace, Italia, Artikuliranje, BELEF, Belgrade, Parallel worlds, gallery Biljarda, Cetinje, Montenegrin Contemporary art, Mestna gallery, Ljubljana (2004), New Balkans, Thessaloniki, FONA, museum of contemporary art Rijeka, Croatia, XXV Moscow international film festival, Logicno, BELEF, Belgrade, Montenegrin beauty, Budva; pavilion Veljković-CKZD, Belgrade (2003), Mirror of the Balkans, National museum, Kraljevo, IV Cetinje biennial: ‘Reconstruction', V international Kochi print triennial, Japan (2002), XV International drawing exhibition, museum of contemporary art, Rijeka, Chain of discovery, contemporary art in Montenegro (2001), Arte & Maggio, Gallery Santa Scolastica, Bari, Ch# Chateau d'Oiron, France (2002). Between solo shows, she selected: Gallery Biljarda, National museum of Montenegro, Cetinje (2004), Gallery of General Consulat of the Republic of Slovenia, Podgorica, Gallery Vir, Virpazar (2002). Between awards: XXII international biennial of mediteranean countries, Alexandria, IV international print triennial, Cairo (2003), The 12th space international print biennial, Seoul, IV Cetinje Biennial: ‘Reconstruction', 35. Winter exhibition of Herceg Novi (2002), IX biennial of Yugoslav student print, Belgrade (1998).

"In the essence, the embodied self is a myth. Oneself is always lost in language, and is in the sphere of influence of those forces that are operative within the field of deciphering those language games everyday life is taking place in… Language is the most immediate realm we are soaked into in our everyday practices, and it provides us with the individuation method which produces us into particular agents of our basic desires…This installation does produce a certain graphics, a certain set of visual information that can be red along the lines of a traditional art-historical interpretative mode, and taken into a sphere of aesthetic appreciation…"

Stevan Vukovic

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